What We Do

A planned series of activities that are designed to achieve a clear and measurable objective.

Correctly Designed Patient Outreach can correct deficiencies common in today’s medical environment. Consider all the ways Patient Outreach can make a positive impact:

Increase Patient Awareness

Increase awareness among special patient populations about new medications, treatments, devices, diagnostics, and other medical advances. Communication can be targeted by geography, race, condition, and other characteristics within the service group.

Improve Care Coordination

Provide care coordination for patients unable to navigate the complex medical system alone.

Patient Support & Continuance of Care

Provide the necessary instruction and support to continue servicing the patient outside the clinic, by coordination with Home Health, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), or Chronic Care Management (CCM).

Expand Physician Adoption

Outreach programs often include CE and other educational features intended to promote the adoption of new advanced in healthcare.

Grow Medical Clinic

Increase revenues by virtue of performing necessary, continuous, and additional services to reach the goals set out the patient’s health plan.

Improve Company Ratings

Better patient outcomes and reduced hospital re-admissions trigger higher rates of reimbursement, and opens the possibility of bonus payment sharing.

Reduce Legal Liability

Demonstrable proactive measures intended to care and protect patients reduce all forms risk rising from medical malpractice claims and other legal liabilities.
Dr. Ali Saberi, Medical Director

“We are seeing better results – that means the most stubborn wounds are finally closing – than I have seen at any time in my medical career.”