Prior Proven Case Study Results

The principals who founded the “Precisely Eco-system” have extensive experience introducing innovation, and achieving measurable results, all in a manner that conforms with healthcare regulation.

Below is a summary of a few High-Profile and Historic Campaigns and Programs:

New Moms with Chronic Migraines. 2014 – 2016

A Patient Outreach Program was designed to build awareness among expecting and new mothers suffering from migraines. These patients learned of compounded topical creams that could be applied directly to the skin, at the base of the neck. In this way, the new moms could find relief from migraines without introducing invasive, and possibly dangerous medications into her body, where the infant would then be exposed.

Breakthrough in glucose monitoring. 2018 - 2021

The ABOTT Free Libre glucose monitor was introduced in 2018. A Patient Outreach Program was designed to build awareness among diabetic patients to adopt the new glucose devise that measured blood sugars without discomfort of a blood draw. Over the course of 28 months, an estimated 7 million patients made the switch to the ABBOTT Free Libre. Unsurprisingly, patient compliance sky-rocketed.

COPD Patients That Never Get Well. 2017 – Today

A limited state specific Patient Outreach Program has been created, and continues to this date, that to identifies patients that may possess undiagnosed bronchiectasis – an irreversible condition that prohibits patients from fully clearing infected air passages in the lung. These patients, and their physicians, are provided with medical studies and a range of specialized therapies that allow these patients to more fully recover for infection and achieve greater independence.

Medical Tourism for Advanced Dentistry. 2018 – 2020

Few advances in the field of dentistry have been more transformative as Dental Implants. However, the national average cost for full implant replacement ranges from $45,000 - $75,000. Meanwhile, it is possible for an American to travel to Costa Rica to be serviced by a dentist that was educated in the USA, and who would use the same material as dentists in the USA. The only difference is cost – a savings of $35,000 - $65,000.

A nationwide Patient Outreach Program was undertaken in 2018, and despite very good results and a large number of happy patients the Program was suspended in March of 2020 because of COVID 19 and travel restrictions that were put in place.