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Exercises of Compassion that Creates Improvements in Healthcare Too!

A Planned Series of Activities that are Designed to Achieve a Certain Aim.

Increase Awareness.
Improve Outcomes.
Maintain Independence.
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Expand Adoption.
Grow Revenues.
Reduce Hospital Readmissions.
Reduce Legal Liability.
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Patient Outreach Programs can be Designed to Address the Unique Needs of Small and Mid-sized Medical Companies.


What We Do

Step 1: Seek Out Medical Advancements

We are constantly seeking new and promising advancements and breakthroughs that are failing to achieve optimum levels of integration by the healthcare establishment. These advances may arise from pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostics, or therapies.

Step 2: Evaluate Promising Programs & Campaigns

Our multi-disciplinary team of data analysts, marketing professionals, medical billing and coding experts, physicians, and support staff carefully evaluate all worthy concepts to produce a “Program Viability Analysis”.

Step 3: Test and Scale

Small geographies are selected with a “Bottom /Up” strategy to rigorously tested and measured to determine scalability. Upon completion of a test period, all activities of the Program are evaluated to approximate “Total Positive Impact”. Areas for improvement are identified, and future expansion is considered.

Step 4: Add the MAGIC Ingredients

Outreach Programs must possess a “human touch” - a personal conviction that provides inner guidance. This is an important source of motivation, and provides the Good Samaritans with a special drive born out of altruism. This perspective super-charges efforts, and makes it easier to answer challenges big and small.

HealPrecisely Reduces the Suffering of Patients with Chronic Wounds. A Population of 7+ Million.


Advanced Wound Care

Stimulating the body’s recuperative abilities in even the hardest-to-heal sores, burns, ulcers, incisions, and injuries

Patient Population:  Over 7 million Americans
Level of Ability To Connect:  High
Level of Positive Impact:  High

More than 7 million Americans suffer from seemingly untreatable chronic wounds. HealPrecisely™ is an advanced wound care protocol that can jump start the body’s own ability to heal using a successful combination of preparation, diagnostics, FDA-approved therapies and allographs, and individualized care plans.

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BreathePrecisely Restores Oxygen Flow for Patients Suffering from COPD. A Population of 12+ Million


Portable Oxygen & Air Clearance Therapies

SHOCKING FACT: A recent study found that 53% of patients with COPD – an estimated 6 MILLION - have undiagnosed bronchiectasis.

Patient Population:  Over 15 million Americans
Level of Ability To Connect:  Medium
Level of Positive Impact:  High

We provide patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions a range of new and proven medical devices that provides relief and improves quality of life.

New Oxygen Source

Many patients reclaim a greater sense of independence and live confidently in their own homes as a result. Portable oxygen compressors have been newly designed to be more effective, lightweight, and portable.

Effective Air Clearance Therapy

Patients suffering from chronic airway blockage may find effective therapy in the HFCWO vests. This important therapy is able to decrease hospital readmissions, the overuse of antibiotics.
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We Are Constantly Seeking & Evaluating Promising Medical Advances


A Potential Breakthrough in the Treatment of Diabetes?

Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR). PIR has the potential to help 37.3 million Americans, or one in 10 suffering from Type 1, Type 2, and pre-diabetes.

Supercharging Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Precisely Medical Solutions is planning to announce a partnership with a national provider of RPM and CCM to add to its service offering in the Tampa Bay area in the first quarter of 2023.

Medical Management & Consultation


Management Company

A Management Company Whose Focus Is Innovation

CarePrecisely maintains a staff a learned and highly trained medical support professionals, patient advocates, as well as Billing Experts, IT professionals. CarePrecisely retains leading Health care legal advisors and accounting and tax professionals, to be called into action when the circumstances necessitate.

These teams are assigned to medical companies that are clients within the Precisely Eco-System to best navigate the complex administrative and compliance challenges unique to healthcare.



There is NO Monopoly on Good Ideas.


You Can Do It Too – We Can Help!

There is no monopoly of good ideas. Click the link below to learn how patient outreach can improve patient outcomes and solve common challenges facing healthcare companies at the same time. We are happy to cooperate and sponsor all good ideas.
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Precisely Medical Solutions designs and manages Patient Outreach Programs that bring proven, readily available medical advancements to specific patient populations whose quality of life can be improved the most.
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